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You don't have to choose between specialties, as after a thorough initial assessment, the specialist will tell you which combination of treatments is recommended for which injury.

Medical examination

Patients are examined by specialists. Together, the diagnosis by a specialist and the evaluation of the physical assessment by a physiotherapist help...



Tangentor, Weight Bath, Partial Electric Bath and Whirlpool - hydroxy bath



Ultrasound, Selective stimulation current treatment, Magneto and Oxygen therapy, Interference, Galvanic, Iontophoresis / Sonophoresis, TENS and...


Magnetoxi treatment

Magnetoxi treatment is a unique way of combining the benefits of magnetotherapy and oxygen inhalation to enhance our patients' ability to recover.


Therapeutic gymnastics

After a physical and functional assessment, movement is targeted to the cause of the complaint, often combining sensorimotor development of the...


Therapeutic massage

An intervention on the surface of the skin consisting of a series of systematically arranged, measured force grasps. Usually performed without a...


Functional training

Functional training advocates that greater involvement of stabilising muscles in training is key to executing physiologically accurate, precise...



Kinesiotape imitates human skin (it has the same mechanical properties) and does not contain any drugs or chemicals, but is applied through the skin...



By sports rehabilitation we usually mean the return to sport for athletes, but at SmileyMed we also work with amateur athletes alongside our...


We make an appointment

Throrough assessment of the situation

Personalised therapy


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