There is much talk these days about how Budapest is not only our capital, but also the only city in the world to meet all the criteria of a Spa City. Budapest has certified medicinal waters, a large number of quality hotels and spas are available, where both traditional and complementary medicine is represented, treatments are supported by Social Security, medical supervision is provided and other health services are available to visitors and those seeking to heal. We have (medicinal) parks, promenades with recreational facilities and designated paths.

Visitors to the spa can take part in a wide range of tourist, cultural and sports activities. If you are looking for a gastronomic experience, there is a wide range to choose from.

Budapest did not become a spa town in the last decades, historical accounts tell us that it was a spa town in the 10th and 11th centuries. In the 10th century (1178), the Knights of the Cross treated themselves here at the spa called "Felhévíz" (which was the spring of today's Gellér Baths), at the spa called "Alhévíz" (which was the spring of today's Lukács Baths) and at the monasteries on Margaret Island. Over the centuries, spa treatments were forgotten, and in the 19th century, Sebastian Kneipp's treatments were rebuilt according to today's most modern principles. The Wellness movement in America in the 1960s only reinforced and popularised the principles introduced by Reverend Kneipp.

In the 21st century, ensuring quality of life is becoming an increasingly important consideration for people. Even with urbanised, hectic lives, people are taking time to maintain and regain their health. The principle is "The clever man solves the problem, the genius anticipates it." Spa medicine can be of great help in this and in regaining health.

Why our most modern treasure?

Because it can be used for prevention, cure and well-being. It has both targeted local and general whole-body effects in the case of established disease, and it achieves this by the body's response to its mechanical properties, without the need for drugs or other chemicals.


Among bathing treatments, balneotherapy combines the physical, chemical effects of water with the mechanical effects of specific forms of current, or traction, and the muscle-relaxing effects of a water jet directed at the body. Underwater water jet massage (tangentor): immersed in a treatment tub, a high-pressure water jet is used to massage and relax the muscles, focusing on the stiffer muscles that require more treatment time, but working the whole body. Partial electric bath. The chemical effects of medicinal waters are due to their mineral content, which, when absorbed, has a healing effect. The majority of Budapest's medicinal waters are calcium magnesium hydrocarbonate, making them suitable for the treatment of musculoskeletal problems. Their physical effects include their temperature (cold water causes muscle contraction, but overall relaxation, warm water causes vasodilatation, which is how it achieves its muscle-relaxing effect), buoyancy (it makes movement easier), hydrostatic pressure (reduces oedema, improves heart function and respiration) and resistance (aquatic exercise is only apparently easier, but the denser medium means that it is more strenuous than exercise on land).


Mud, cork compresses: one of the best treatments for relieving muscle tension when there is no inflammation. Cork mud is a mixture of paraffin and fango (fine-grained mud) which retains heat for a long time, allowing the minerals in the mud to be absorbed through dilated blood vessels. The vasodilatation of the muscles itself has a muscle relaxing effect. Muscle-relaxing cream packs, ritex.


Electrotherapy uses the effects of different forms of electricity to achieve local and general effects in the body: reducing pain and inflammation, increasing circulation, improving muscle function, vasodilating - thus improving nutrition of the treated area and increasing the removal of harmful substances, reducing connective tissue stretching, helping the body regenerate.


Medical therapeutic massages specifically target the painful, overstretched area, harmonising the tension in different muscle groups, thereby reducing pain, pressure on the nerves running between muscles, improving joint stress and overall well-being. Sports massages are stronger, less problem-solving, more general muscle-relaxing treatments. Wellness massages are designed to improve general wellbeing.

Physiotherapy - physiotherapy:

It starts with a physical assessment in order to make the most efficient use of the time available, and in just 5-10 sessions (one to two weeks), it can achieve significant results in the treatment of the musculoskeletal disorders assessed. A significant number of physiotherapists perform some form of manual therapy to enhance the effect of exercise and make it more effective. Exercises achieve not only strengthening, but also stretching, spinal stabilisation, movement awareness, improved circulation, harmonisation of muscle groups, and increased range of motion in joints.

Lymphatic drainage massage:

dilates the muscles that close the blood vessels running in the connective tissue and increases lymphatic circulation, thereby reducing oedema in the body, especially in the limbs. Its side effect is very strong relaxation.

Wellness treatments:

Kneipp cures include a healthy diet, herbs, bath treatments, relaxation and movement therapy. Other wellness treatments, improve general well-being, thus having an effect on physical and mental relaxation.

Let's take advantage of this forgotten treasure,
because our health and quality of life are linked.

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