Maitland manual therapy

Maitland manual therapy

Manual therapy means diagnosis and treatment by hand. There are many different types of manual therapy.


Geoffrey Maitland has developed a patient-centred, clinical evidence-based method of examining and treating the whole musculoskeletal system (muscle, tendon, bone, joint), starting with a comprehensive patient assessment to identify the cause and nature of the problem, the tissue source of the symptoms and the cause of the source and treating it.

The uniqueness of the method lies in its unique way of thinking, which constantly compares the patient's current complaints with the professional theoretical background, thus creating a continuous "dialogue" between the patient's body and the practitioner. Part of this dialogue involves movement testing, then re-testing for changes in symptoms after treatment has been carried out, and rethinking the problem so as to always respond to the current condition.

The next technique or treatment is adapted to achieve complete freedom of movement of the joints, muscles and nerves - and therefore the patient - without pain.

The joint, muscle, tendon and nerve mobilisation techniques and the patient's home exercises of the method together achieve the complete recovery of our patient.

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