Functional movement pattern analysis

Functional movement pattern analysis

If one part of our functional movement chain is faulty, then the other parts of the chain (but especially the joints next to the faulty part) will show faulty movements and pain.


If one member of our functional movement chain is defective, then the other members of the chain (but most of all the joints next to the defective part) will show defective movements, pains. Functional Movement Pattern Screening assesses the mechanics of the body's movements and reveals what we can and should improve based on the simple movements we make in our daily lives to help our patients move without pain, symptoms and improve their performance.

Prior to the movement assessment, a physical examination form is filled out to record the nature and location of existing problems, 24-hour behaviour, past medical history, and any contraindications or precautions to treatment. Thus, Functional Movement Pattern Testing is already complementary to the physical examination and we can focus on the movements that are likely to be involved in the problem.

We use an enhanced version of FMS motion pattern screening to more accurately identify which link, which part of the chain is causing the symptoms, and to better measure the change in response to our treatment. Our test consists of static and dynamic tests, which we use to screen the movement patterns individually, but their correlation allows us to pinpoint precisely which joint in the movement chain is causing the problem, and which muscle dysfunction or overactivity within the chain. A series of 13 simple tests of everyday movements. In each task, the compensations the patient makes during movements compared to other movements provide a pattern of body use that can be used to explain the causes, effects and development of injuries or problems. It can tell us which exercises we can use to correct the problem and better measure the change that occurs as a result of our treatment.

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