Ultrasound, Selective stimulation current treatment, Magneto and Oxygen therapy, Interference, Galvanic, Iontophoresis / Sonophoresis, TENS and Diadinamic treatment


Ultrasound treatment

Electric energy is converted into 16,000 Hz sound waves by piezo-electric action on a crystal. This causes tissues to relax as the 3A head causes microscopic tissue vibrations 4 cm deep, generating heat through friction. It can be used to deliver oil-based drugs through the skin, called sonophoresis. It is a strong tissue relaxant, anti-oedematous and therefore analgesic. It shifts the pH of the tissue in an alkaline direction, thus reducing inflammation.

Selective stimulation current treatment

Developed to selectively stimulate muscles and nerves to prevent damage and increase activity. By adjusting the signal shape, it not only treats a muscle in isolation, but also selectively stimulates degenerated fibres within a muscle. The current required for this is rheobase, the time is chronaxy, and by observing the relationship between the two you can tell whether a muscle or nerve is already undergoing regeneration or still degenerating.


The pulsating magnetic field of 100-1000 mT is used to open micro capillaries, to increase the permeability of the interstitial membranes, thus increasing blood circulation and the metabolism of molecular and sub-molecular formulas. It helps to rapidly deliver nutrients and oxygen to the cellular level, a single treatment proven to accelerate slowed bone loss, activate osteoblasts and Ca2+ incorporation into bone. It can reverse the formation of false joints. Membrane potential restoration increases nerve excitability.

Oxygen therapy

Oxygen-rich air is introduced through a nasal cannula. Oxygen inhalation for 15-20 days improves the O2 supply to the cells and this is maintained for weeks or months. The tissues that work most intensively always take up the oxygen that is injected, so it is administered in 3 phases, during physical work, mental work and relaxation. The effect is to increase ATP production at the mitochondrial level, so that the whole body can use the energy. It is also used in circulatory disorders, lung diseases, tumour processes, migraines and to aid regeneration.


A mid-frequency treatment that creates interference currents in two crossed circuits. It has profound effects compared to low-frequency treatments, depending on the frequency range used. It can stimulate muscles, reduce oedema, joint swelling, nerve and other pains, but it also strongly improves the autonomic nervous system.

Galvanic bath

A low-frequency treatment that works depending on whether the positive electrode is placed close to the body or far away. When applied in the ascending mode, the treatment lowers the threshold of the motor nerve, thus improving its excitability. When applied in the descending mode, it increases the threshold of the sensory nerve, thus providing a strong local analgesic effect, and blocks pain ascent in the spinal cord via fast gamma fibres according to Gate Control Theory. It is also used for its vasodilator and muscle relaxant effects.

Iontophoresis / Sonophoresis

Using low or medium frequency treatment, UH is used to inject medication into the body through the skin. If we do it in an aqueous solution, we use electrotherapy, if we want it in an oily solution, we use UH. In both forms, the effects of the basic treatment are added to the effects of the medicine.


A stable 33Hz current waveform, named after Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. It can be used in all cases where pain relief is needed because it can reduce or eliminate the need for medication. At the spinal level, it inhibits pain by releasing neurotransmitters.    

Diadinamic treatment

A French dentist discovered through a short-circuiting machine that other symptoms of his patients had begun to disappear. It consists of two parts, a 1-3mA DC current and a stimulus beam of superposed sine waves. It is the shape of the stimulation current that gives its physiological effect. They can be: analgesic, connective tissue or muscle relaxant, oedema reducer, vegetative IR retuning, muscle stimulator.

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