This treatment is designed for patients who have insufficient blood or lymphatic circulation, resulting in oedema in a limb.


The treatment is designed for patients who have poor blood or lymphatic circulation resulting in oedema in a limb.

The cause of the insufficiency may be:

  • a congenitally reduced number of lymph vessels or lymph nodes
  • a congenital or developed insufficiency of the blood circulation
  • after a bacterial infection - nasal fold
  • injuries, traumas
  • surgery
  • tumours, oncological radiotherapy

Basics of treatment:

Fluid circulation in our body:

Every day, 2 litres of fluid flows through the connective tissues of our body and is secreted through our two circulatory systems. Our blood circulation and our lymphatic circulation.

If our two circulatory systems can't get rid of the fluid that's coming in, oedema, swelling, develops between the tissues. This is usually seen in the limbs, but if the lymph nodes are damaged by surgery, radiotherapy or tumours, it can appear anywhere in the body.

An effective method of reducing oedema is lymphodrenage - lymphoedema reduction treatment. The technique involves applying pressure to the connective tissue and helping lymph fluid to flow back to the lymph nodes. From there, it is released into the bloodstream through increasingly large blood vessels, which are then evacuated from the body through the kidneys.

Part of the treatment is compression therapy, in which we use special compression bandages and pressure-distributing layers to make the effect of the treatment permanent. After treatment, the patient wears medical stockings on a daily basis, as prescribed by a specialist, to make the effects of the treatment permanent.

At the beginning of the treatment, the patient is advised to visit a specialised outpatient clinic where, after a medical examination, intensive treatment is started.

A "side effect" of the treatment is relaxation, a re-tuning of the autonomic nervous system from stress to relaxation. During the treatment, a significant proportion of our patients fall asleep and feel rested, relaxed and calm afterwards.

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