Medical examination

Medical examination

Patients are examined by specialists. Together, the diagnosis by a specialist and the evaluation of the physical assessment by a physiotherapist help the patient to receive the personalised treatment methods necessary for his or her recovery.


We follow the Maitlandic way of thinking, where we understand the patient's symptoms and musculoskeletal complaints. Today's healthcare system is already capable of making precise diagnoses of a pathology based on the lesions it contains. We always believe the patient and translate the symptoms they tell us into our understanding system. To do this, we try to obtain as much information as possible, both during the history taking and physical examination, and during treatment, based on the response to treatment.

Our treatments are based on this picture and are evidence based, patient centred and personalised. 

At SmileyMed, we strive to further dissect medical diagnoses and within these, we also make tissue diagnoses, not only to understand what is wrong with our patients, but also what is causing the problems that have developed within the diagnosis. Why they have developed, what lesion has triggered what effects, and so what can be done to eliminate them in turn. We draw on our extensive background in anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, pathophysiology, orthopaedics, rheumatology and neurology.

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