Tangentor, Weight Bath, Partial Electric Bath and Whirlpool - hydroxy bath



The underwater jet massage is performed in a bath filled with water at 35-36oC. The water jet pressure can be varied from 0.7 to 2 bar. The pressure of the water causes the skin and underlying connective tissue to compress, creating local vasoconstriction, which causes consequent vasodilatation. The effect is to relax muscles, improve metabolism, muscle tone and lymphatic circulation. 

Weight Bath

Invented by Károly Moll in 1959 in Hévíz. It combines the muscle-relaxing and toning properties of water with traction. Its aim is to relax the nerves under pressure exiting the spinal canal, relax the muscles adjacent to the spine, increase the range of motion of the spine, hip and shoulder joints by stretching the joint capsules and reducing muscle tone increases due to nerve irritation.

Partial electric bath - 4 compartment galvanic

Electrogalvanic treatments combine the biological effects of galvanic current and 30-34oC water, although nowadays they usually include stimulating current treatments. Effects: the longitudinal descent treatment has analgesic effects, the ascending nerve stimulating the nerve conduction. In transversal application, it prolongs the effect of the drug administered by iontophoresis, and is suitable for the treatment of joints and nerves. When combined with Diadinamics, DF - vasodilator, CP - local metabolism and circulation enhancer, and LP - analgesic.

Whirlpool bath - hydroxeur bath

A mixture of water jets and air is directed onto the patient.The hydroxeur bath treatment has 80-250 jets with adjustable strength. Muscles are relaxed and circulation is increased throughout the body.

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