Magnetoxi treatment

Magnetoxi treatment

Magnetoxi treatment is a unique way of combining the benefits of magnetotherapy and oxygen inhalation to enhance our patients' ability to recover.


A few words about magnetotherapy

A popular treatment that improves microcapillary circulation, enhancing the body's ability to heal itself, nourish cells and boost regeneration processes.

It uses the pulsating magnetic field of 100-1000 mT to open micro-capillaries, increase the permeability of the interstitial membranes and thus the blood circulation and the metabolism of molecular and sub-molecular formulas. It helps to rapidly deliver nutrients and oxygen to the cellular level, a single treatment proven to accelerate slowed bone loss, activate osteoblasts and Ca2+ incorporation into bone. It can reverse the formation of false joints. Membrane potential restoration increases nerve excitability.

About oxygen inhalation

It has long been known that oxygen-enriched air strengthens the immune system, improves heart function and circulation, thus nourishing cells, increases lung flexibility and is also excellent for general health. 

Oxygen-rich air is introduced through a nasal cannula. Oxygen inhalation for 15 to 20 days improves the O2 supply to the cells and this is maintained for weeks or months. The tissues that work most intensively always take up the oxygen that is injected, so it is administered in 3 phases, during physical work, mental work and relaxation. The effect is to increase ATP production at the mitochondrial level, so that the whole body can use the energy. It is also used in circulatory disorders, lung diseases, tumour processes, migraines and to aid regeneration.

Our Magnetox treatment combines all of these and is recommended primarily for our patients who are coming for regeneration.

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