„I don’t usually post, because I don’t.
I’m however making an exception now, to express my deepest gratitude towards those, who instead of making up theories, found an actual solution, that in no small way contributed to me finishing within 3 hours in Venice. I’m really thankful, Tibor Gál Dr. Mohàcsi Jànos Ágnes Deákné Molnár Marco Congia Kiss Andrea Quastné Rigó Katalin Csaba Baross” 

Malatinszky Szofi

Certified Instructor, Chi Running

“I’d been suffering from a painful shoulder injury, when a friend of mine sent me to Agi for physical therapy. There’d been some surprising exercises, but this is where I found out that the actual problem area might not even be my shoulder! We’d built up the exercises slowly, week from week, and some occasions had been on par with an extensive workout! There’s a lot I can be thankful for, as since then I can train normally again, and I even I’d been saved from an extensive shoulder surgery.”

Szabó Ágnes

Kayak World Champion