The basis of the SmileyMed concept, and therefore our goal, is to, in line with the strict medical guidelines, to provide an evidence based, personalized, patient focused treatment, in the best positive environment possible, as it is our belief that only in such environment can all of us be the most effective, and this is how we can give our best.

We offer personalized therapies with treatment possibilities, flexible opening hours, package offers, specialized check lists, and a horizontal communication from our employees.

Check-up and health check

The medical checks of our patients is done by our specialist doctors. There’s a possibility to have the necessary checks done through our affiliate diagnostics company’s services, shortening the diagnosis time.

Defining the treatments

After the medical diagnosis, our patients can attend a thorough physical check-up by our physiotherapists, where we identify the necessary treatment methods. Using the medical and physical checks, our doctors then create the treatment plans necessary to heal our patients.


Physiotherapy, Balneotherapy, 
Electro therapy, FMS scan,
Functional training, Kineziotapeing, 
Lymphoderange, Maitland Manualtherapy, 
Parfango, Sports rehabilitation, 
Stress release, Pregnancy exercises, Underwater training,
Swimming pools, Fitness